The BEST Spring Adventures and Tours in Yellowstone

For guests to our mountain town this spring exciting adventures are on tap, let Yellowstone Helicopters take you and the entire family to our Yellowstone helicopter tour into Yellowstone’s outback today!

Scenic Flights By Helicopter Over Yellowstone’s Outback

Our helicopters tours are perfect for Yellowstone visitors and locals who want to experience and explore as much of our magnificent snow-capped mountains and backcountry as possible by air. Our 25 mile scenic helicopter tours explore the very best of Yellowstone’s wild and scenic places from the air.

Summer Tours in Yellowstone National Park

Summer in Yellowstone is peak season. June is when the crowds start to pour in for real (summer vacation ‘n’ all) and July is the Yellowstone’s busiest month of the year. The weather is at its most comfortable, although it can still get down to the 30-degree range at night, even in August. All things considered, this is the season with by far the most things to do — so let’s get right to it. Summer is the best time to hike in Yellowstone, and not just because the weather is at its most well-behaved. Many parts of the park are only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day (roughly), and many trails aren’t sufficiently clear of snow until mid or late July. Also, you want the bears to be neither starving (like they are in spring) nor attempting to double their body mass index (like they are in autumn). And yes, hiking is indeed the most popular activity on this list by far, which is why we’ve taken care to address it all on its own: Check out our complete guide to hiking in Yellowstone here.

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