Thrilling Spring Activities and Tours in Yellowstone This Year

Yellowstone is Filled With Fun Spring Activities and Tours

Spring and summer is here in Yellowstone National Park and visitors from all over the world are discovering spring tours and activities  to suit every taste and ability. Let’s play!

Take a Scenic Helicopter Flight at Yellowstone

On this private and unique helicopter tour will also highlight the stunning local snow capped mountains at 10,000 feet.
Flying over the summits you’ll be treated to an eye candy helicopter view of the granite mountain chain stretching from north to south and Yellowstone’s wild and scenic outback from the air.

Wildlife Spotting in Springtime at Yellowstone National Park

Bears, bison, elk, sheep, moose, wolves — pretty much anything covered with fur is more fun to look at when it’s cute and little. Your greatest odds for animal sightings are at dawn and dusk. Head up to Slough Creek, where most years there’s a wolf den. For an easy payoff, park your car at a pullout along Hayden Valley to watch the bison calves. If the herd isn’t there, it probably will be the next day.

For an absolute slam dunk, go up to Mammoth, where there are elk on the lawns pretty much all the time. They’re probably the least skittish animals in Yellowstone, unfazed by humans in the grand tradition of city pigeons or feral cats. Still, remember the elk are wild — always keep a safe distance, ideally 25 yards (although getting closer is kind of inevitable since they’ll literally just be in your walking path).

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