30 minute yellowstone
helicopter tour




More Vistas, More Wilderness & More Adventure

Take your Yellowstone visit up to 10,000 feet with a private helicopter tour over the gorgeous mountain scenery of the wild and scenic West and the snow-capped Madison mountain range. On this exciting Yellowstone helicopter tour you’ll explore outside of West Yellowstone to discover  a few of the the hidden mountain peaks, scenic valleys and lakes that regular tours groups never see. Bring your cameras and come meet our friendly pilots and staff for an adventure of a lifetime. Book today!

30 Minute Wilderness Helicopter Tour

There are a surprising number of wild wolves in Yellowstone National Park and throughout Yellowstone’s Outback. This is your opportunity to fly over the wild and scenic regions these remarkable predators of the American West roam year round. In the 1940’s Yellowstone park managers began a campaign to reintroduce the gray wolf into Yellowstone National Park. The program was wildly successful and today these elusive animals can be found in local mountains, on the shorelines of pristine lakes and rivers, and in wide open meadows that cover this incredibly scenic flight path.

Your 30 minute Yellowstone helicopter adventure takes you to some of our favorite locations in the region with knowledgeable and friendly local pilots. Each flight has our 100% weather guarantee, if for any reason you choose to cancel your flight you get a 100% refund and if weather conditions are not right we’ll refund you as well.

Value, excitement, and ease of access make our helicopter day trips the reason why guests fly with Yellowstone Helicopters. With flights ranging from twenty to sixty minutes we have the scenic flight to fit every budget and desire. Our helicopter flights begin with easy online booking and once we have assigned your helicopter and pilot all you have to do is show up and get ready for scenic thrills in Yellowstone’s Outback. Our heliport has everything you’ll need to be comfortable while you get ready to meet your pilot for the scenic flight of a lifetime. Book today, upgrade your Yellowstone experience this year! 


Your Yellowstone Helicopter Tour is an all-inclusive experience and comes with everything you will need to experience the region. We offer access to areas that very few have seen in the care of safe, experienced pilots who happen to be excellent guides!

You and up to three guests fly comfortably in our Robinson R66 aircraft. Air conditioning for warm days and heat for cold days allow you to enjoy the view comfortably through oversized windows. Go further. Experience more.


Flying with Yellowstone Helicopters is easy, and packing for your once in a lifetime Yellowstone flight even easier. Our guests fly as they are, meaning spring and early summer flights they pack a light coat and sunglasses. Mid summer flights when day time temperatures soar into the 9o’s you can fly in shorts and t-shirts, you don’t have to get too fancy with us, we’re the come as you are helicopter company.

You may also bring water with you on your flight, please leave heavy bags or backpacks at our helibase in our secure storage area. Guests often bring cameras to capture the excitement of flying over the beautiful terrain Yellowstone has to offer.