Answers to questions about our exciting seasonal helicopter tours with Yellowstone Helicopters.

We fly the Robinson R66 turbine powered aircraft for most of our tours. We also offer the Bell 206L4 for custom charter and tours which seats up to 6.

We welcome everyone on board our aircraft. Passengers under the age of 13 must ride with an adult. Children who have not yet reached their second birthday may ride free of charge as a lap child.

We do have some restrictions with weights. The R66 is generally able to take most groups of 4 without issue. It does depend on weather to a degree, but generally speaking we can carry up to 800 pounds total on a given flight.

Passengers weighing over 300 pounds are not able to fly in the Robinson R66 due to seat design. We can arrange a custom charter or tour for you n the Bell 206L4 which can accommodate.

You need to bring a thirst for adventure and an expectation for the spectacular. Guests over 18 must show a valid photo ID. Cameras are absolutely recommended as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. Cell service is generally available along the routes, so we encourage you to snap, post and tweet during or after your journey. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended. Remember, it’s a little more like Jurassic Park and a little less like Disney out there in the wild. Weather can change rapidly, and you will want to be prepared.

The answer to this question is yes! We offer both types. If you are a group of three or four, your flights will be private. Groups of two may share the aircraft with another couple. We do offer and encourage you to choose the “Private” option when booking, which reserves your tour just for you and your group. A small surcharge guarantees you will have the experience all to yourselves!

Yellowstone Helicopters is owned and operated by three owners, all of whom have extensive experience in the industry. In fact, collectively we have over 60 years of combined experience in operating aerial tourism in helicopters in a variety of locations. Our sister companies fly in the Black Hills of South Dakota offering unparalleled experiences around Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Badlands.

Yellowstone Helicopters places Safety as their number one value. We have an active and functioning Safety Management System (SMS) in place. Our SMS provides invaluable guidance in protecting our guests, our staff and the company. We operate under FAA Part 91.147 LOA, but exceed FAA requirements by operating parallel to our Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate. Yellowstone Helicopters has an impeccable safety record.

Yellowstone Helicopters prides itself in being the only local helicopter excursion company in West Yellowstone. Our guests are treated to a locals eye view of the stunning Madison Mountain, lakes, rivers and secret locations here in West Yellowstone that can only be seen by helicopter. Your seating arrangement is determined by the pilot based on the passengers’ weights. Yellowstone Helicopters is located at the Yellowstone Airport, just 10 minutes from the city. This is your flight, please ask us in advance if there’s anything special we can do for you, or if your pilot can help you in any way.

Yellowstone Helicopters highly recommends you bring your smartphones or cameras with you. Feel free to take all the pictures and video you want. The only restriction we have is the use of flash photography. No flash photography is allowed on board to protect the pilot. (And you!).

We have Go-Pro 360 cameras we can rent for a small fee. You will get a full 360 degree view of your entire tour. At the end, we simply give you the SD card, and a link to software to view the footage. Highly recommended!

The Federal Department of Transportation has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all aircraft. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device is considered a forbidden hazardous material and individuals may not transport the device on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or as air cargo on flights to, from, or within the United States. If passengers attempt to evade the ban, the phones may be confiscated and passengers may face criminal prosecution and fines. These phones are potentially lethal to aircraft operation, do not have them in your possession please.

Never! We are happy to assist in rescheduling your tours. Any tours cancelled prior to 48 hours before your tour are always refunded in full. Flight canceled inside the 48 hour window will be converted into a gift certificate good for 18 months and sent to you via email. Yellowstone Helicopters reserves the right to cancel tours at anytime. All cancelled tours will be refunded in full, or we will do our best to reschedule to an alternate time. Many times, the dynamic summer weather can cause minor interruptions, and we only fly when it is safe to do so! Your booking with us is safe.

Service is one of our values, and we LOVE extras! Call us today a= to find out how we can help make your special occasions pop.

We do offer custom elopement, wedding and proposal packages! There is very little we can’t arrange. Let us help you design an experience that will stay with you forever!

We offer Professional Phot Flight services as well. For these we can remove doors to provide unobstructed shooting. Extensive safety evaluation and briefing is conducted before these flights. Have a dream shot you want to take? Our aerial platform is hard to beat!

Our prices and schedules are subject to change at any time without notice. We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge in the event fuel prices rise more than 15% in a given period. We strive to NEVER have to do this, but it’s a possibility in todays economy.

We require a 48 hour cancellation notice. No shows at the time of departure will be charged in full and are non refundable. All times are approximate.

Maximum weight limit pr person is 300lb. We do have an aircraft to accommodate, and that can be arranged on a custom charter basis.

Yes! We absolutely will do whatever we can to make this experience available for everyone. We ask that you have someone with you who can assist with boarding and disembarking. Yellowstone Helicopters is ADA compliant, and we will do everything in our power to safely deliver your experience.

Yellowstone Helicopters is unable to accommodate service animals on most flights due to the fact that you are in the cockpit with the pilot. We are very sorry, but safety rules the day.

Yes! We love two for ones on our flights! However, we highly suggest not flying when you are in your third Tri-mester or when advised not to by a physician. We recommend consulting a doctor prior to booking a flight with us.

There are optimal times of the day that change throughout the year. This is a really hard question, as ANYTIME can be amazing. Give us a call and ask if we have any recommendations during a particular time of the year.

Yellowstone Helicopters operates year round as long as weather permits. From May to October, we operate tours and customs charters from the West Yellowstone Airport. During all times of the year we have aircraft available flying out of Bozeman, MT and can arrange pickup at the Corral near Big sky. For flights outside of the May to October time frame, call us directly for a quote!

Yellowstone Helicopters is owned and operated by outdoor environmentally conscious folks dedicated to conservation and responsible operation. The helicopter is the least impactful of any type of visitation, as we only leave a small sound signature and zero impacts to the surrounding environment. We leave no trace!

Our owners and guides/pilots live in the area and are enthusiastically connected to the region. Yellowstone Helicopters is proud to support local NGO’s to help protect the environment.

We absolutely love walk-ins! We do suggest making a reservation at least two weeks in advance to secure the time and date you want, but we do occasionally have last minute openings and we would love to fly with you!

We also have a ticket location in the Mall in West Yellowstone, stop by and talk to the experts about what you would like to see!

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