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Find Summer Activities at Yellowstone Helicopter Flights

If you’re a summer tours and activities, you’ll love West Yellowstone. It’s said after one weekends worth of fun and exciting summer play in Yellowstone, you’ll miss it even before you get home. Especially if you take advantage of a scenic helicopter flight over Yellowstone’s outback.

Sightseeing in Yellowstone From The Ground

Some of Yellowstone’s most breathtaking sights are also, understandably, some of its most crowded. That’s summer, though. Grand Prismatic Spring is great, but it is greater when you are not being cut off by strangers and elbowed by children who are not yours. Not only does everything become spectacular come fall, it also becomes quiet. Check out our complete guide to Yellowstone’s best sights you can see without really leaving your car.

Bicycling in Yellowstone

Fall is perfect for those of you with the heart, in both the physical and emotional sense, to get around Yellowstone by bike. Bike routes are open when the roads are, but also for a bit of bonus time before the roads open up in the spring and after they close in the late fall. Yellowstone National Park Lodges only rents bikes at Old Faithful through Labor Day, but you can pick them up from local shops. Free Heel and Wheel in West Yellowstone rents bikes for $10 per hour or $35 per day. You can take a look at the bike routes here.

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