Spring Tours and Activities in Yellowstone 2019 | Helicopter Flights

Spring Helicopter Tours in Yellowstone’s Outback

No question about it, spring Yellowstone is a time of excitement. In fact, some of Yellowstone’s most amazing experiences happen  without the large crowds of summer. Book a scenic helicopter tour this spring and enjoy the epic scenery from 10,000 feet as you explore more of the West’s great natural treasures.

In April and May, the bears of Yellowstone come out of hibernation, and with them new cubs. Bison calves are being born on the plains, and bighorn lambs up on the cliffs. Birds pass through on their migration routes; frogs call loudly in ponds. Roads that closed during winter — which is almost all of them — start opening back up, as do four of the park’s 12 campgrounds and most of its lodges. Around April, most of the park’s seasonal employees and volunteers will start getting back into the swing of things.

If you’re bringing your kids to Yellowstone, there’s a strong case to be made that spring is the best time to visit, what with all the frolicking baby animals and shorter lines. Moms and pops, try to work things out with the school schedules and check out the springtime packages geared toward families.

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Spring in Yellowstone isn’t summer, but we have the tours, activities to make your visit this winter one you’ll remember forever. Let’s fly!


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