West Yellowstone Adventures Gateway to Yellowstone National Park

West Yellowstone Adventures Gateway to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country, with more than 4 million people making the trip each year. They come to see one of America’s most scenic regions with rugged mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, incredible wildlife, and nearly half the world’s geysers, including Old Faithful. They also come for exciting tours and adventures. It’s the country’s first national park, and at more than 3,400 square miles, the second largest in the continental U.S., taking up the northwest corner of Wyoming in addition to part of Montana and Idaho.

Trip Planning at Yellowstone National Park

Planning a trip to see it all can be overwhelming, but there’s no better place to serve as your base camp than West Yellowstone, Montana. Located just outside the western entrance to the park, West Yellowstone has long been a gateway to outdoor adventure. In fact, you’ll find adventure activities like helicopter tours in every direction, as West Yellowstone is surrounded by three national forests, alpine lakes, blue-ribbon trout streams, and panoramic views just about anywhere you look. It’s the place to refuel, relax, and spend the night, with all the modern resources and conveniences you need. The compact hub blends Old West charm with modern amenities, and local shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities give people plenty to do outside the park. Here’s are just some of the area resources to help you start your day, enjoy a great meal, and rest your head for the night.

Helicopter Tours to Yellowstone’s Outback

Eagle Peak is a soaring 10,000 foot granite mountain peak that’s covered in pristine white snow for most of the year. It also overlooks the widest swath of Yellowstone’s craggy mountain ranges, deep valleys, lost lakes and rivers. This value helicopter tour gets you and the entire family into the American West without breaking your travel budget or cutting into your travel time.

Our most booked helicopter tour in the Yellowstone region allows three guests the flexibility of quick and easy scenic flights so you can get on with the rest of your day in Yellowstone National Park. Perfect for RV visitors, bus tours, or just drop into our heli-base at the West Yellowstone Airport minutes from downtown. Your 10 minute Yellowstone outback helicopter adventure takes you to some of our favorite locations in the region with knowledgeable and friendly local pilots. Each flight has our 100% weather guarantee, if for any reason you choose to cancel your flight you get a 100% refund and if weather conditions are not right we’ll refund you as well.

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