Yellowstone National Park Tours and Adventures | Helicopters

Yellowstone National Park Tours and Adventures | Helicopters

Visiting Yellowstone National Park this year? Since 1872, Yellowstone has been known as America’s very first national park, thanks to President Ulysses S. Grant, and today it’s the MOST success national park of them all!

About Yellowstone National Park | Visitors Guide

Covering over 3400 square miles, Yellowstone spans across parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, with roughly 95% of the park lying within the state of Wyoming. An amazing one-half of our planet’s geysers are located in Yellowstone, with the most popular being Old Faithful. A volcanic hot spot, Old Faithful erupts about every 90 minutes and is visited by over 4 million tourists each year. Hotels, lodges, cabins, Yellowstone tours and campgrounds are most plentiful, as the national park has over 300 miles of paved roads and 5 different entrances.

Scenic Tours and Adventures in Yellowstone

The mountains, petrified forests, canyons and rivers are beautiful attractions anytime of the year and scenic tour busses and tour groups visit them all inside the park. About 300 waterfalls are located in the area, and the wilderness is home to numerous species of wildlife, plants and trees. With over 60 species in Yellowstone, tourists often see bears, buffalo, and bighorn sheep. Wolves, elk, moose and deer inhabit the national park as well. Bald eagles and whooping cranes nest in Yellowstone, along with 300 other species of birds. Tourists arrive year-round by train, bus, air and automobile. Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and the Grand Tetons are all within a day’s drive of Yellowstone if you are driving.

Attractions and Things to Do At Yellowstone National Park

Additional attractions and activities include helicopter tours in Yellowstone’s outback, rafting, hiking, guided tours and lake cruises. Visitors can take in the museums and historic sites, there is plenty of tours and fun for the entire family, and Yellowstone National Park will be remembered as one of your favorites. Book a scenic helicopter flight to Yellowstone’s outback today!

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